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Hosted Telephony - Provisioning

Hosted Telephony is provided by connecting IP telephone handsets to customers Data Networks (LAN/WAN). An xDSL Quality of Service (QoS) Router is connected to a New World Netcom provided dedicated low cost SIP Line circuit terminating onto highly resilient Hosted Servers supported by powerful Telephony Application software, located at Telehouse in London’s Docklands.

New World Netcom can supply and install complete Networking turnkey solutions that can separate or converge Voice and Data services to include all IP Handsets a Quality of Service (QoS) Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switches as required. New World Netcom will commission and bring the entire system into service. The cost of our Hosted Service comprises a low ‘Seat Rental’ per user, a one-off set up fee, the purchase of a DSL Router, your IP Handsets and if necessary appropriate Data Switches. New World Netcom offers financing for all hardware at extremely competitive rates.

New World Netcom supply SIP Lines as part of their Hosted Telephony package. Customers can retain their existing telephone numbers, including DDI numbers, which can be relocated to anywhere within the UK. A single range of telephone numbers with DDI working can serve multiple offices and simplify communication and call billing.

Hosted Telephony Features - Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office is a suite of standard features provided to Hosted Telephony Service users

Intelligent Auto Assistant – Intelligent Auto Assistant enables intelligent call routing and allows the creation and modification of simple voice response menus, including: spoken phrases, dialling of alternative numbers, transferring of calls to an attendant or to an Intelligent Number, leaving messages on the voicemail system and creating simple forms for collection of customer details.

Intelligent Messaging – Voicemail, Faxmail, and Videomail are integrated with Intelligent Number/Intelligent Assistant to provide a single number for calls, voice messages and faxes, alternatively, where Intelligent Number/Intelligent Assistant are not utilised, the telephone number and fax numbers are two separate DDI numbers.

Fax2Email – The Hosted service has the ability to notify the end user (via email) that they have received a multimedia attachment (.tif) from a ‘confidential’ fax transmission. Essentially, the user will receive a mail with an attachment which they can view on their chosen PC.

Intelligent Assistant – Intelligent Assistant dramatically reduces the abandoned call rate through the ‘alternatives’ of Team Call and Manager/Secretary working. The ability to direct calls across the PSTN provides essential telephony support for location independent working, home working or ‘Hot-Desking’. Where an Intelligent Assistant is registered as unavailable, a caller may be passed to a designated alternative contact, a Team member or the users Mailbox.

Intelligent Number – calls are to people not to extensions, with Intelligent Number each user can be provided their own intelligent telephone number which is treated as a virtual number. Irrespective of a users current location, callers always dial the single Intelligent Number and callers are automatically routed to the telephone number where the user is located i.e. Office number, Mobile number, Home number etc. Operators can transfer calls to Intelligent Numbers. (Callers will not know which specific number they are routed to)

Intelligent Call Recording – Intelligent Call Recording provides the flexibility to record calls wherever you work, whether it’s a landline or mobile telephone. Recordings can be stored and recalled for reference at any time, without the need to purchase expensive on-site recording equipment. A recorded call is converted into an audio file that can be received as an email to a dedicated email account, stored and accessed online using the Web Assistant and additionally using the Intelligent Call Recording archive application.

Instant Conferencing – Instant Conferencing allows a user to ‘log in’ to a conference using their standard ID and Password. Other participants can automatically join the conference by dialling in and entering the Chairman’s user ID. Intelligent Conferencing can be used in conjunction with Intelligent Call Recording.

Presence Manager – Presence Manager empowers users with enhanced communications capabilities by enabling them to know when another user is registered to receive telephone calls at a Hosted Telephone Extension, Home phone or Mobile. Presence Manager also provides a visual indication of the busy/free status of a users colleagues showing their iN registration details and selected call routing options.

Web Assistant – Web Assistant provides an on-screen graphical interface for users to control their telephone handling and to access Voicemail and Faxmail from anywhere in the world, without requiring a PC loaded with client software. Web Assistant includes a directory search facility. A search for colleagues in the directory provides their current registration status.

iX-Fone – iX-Fone allows any PC or Laptop, with the addition of a low cost USB handset to become a powerful, mobile, feature rich telephone or videophone operating over a standard IP connection.

Contact Centre – Contact Centre environments provide both local and wide area call distribution, dynamic call queuing, position-in-queue, service announcements, wallboards a wide range of reports and MOH.

Operator Console – The Hosted Screen based fully functional Operators Console supports multiple line handling including held and returned call fields, internal and external call differentiation, dialled number differentiation, directory and status/presence indication, music on hold and night service diversion to IVR. Multiple Operators Consoles can be supported.

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